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still crazy after all these years...

Glad to see that folks are still finding the $20 Blueprint deal through this blog. While I haven't been a terribly good blogger, you'll be happy to know I'm still a very good thrifter. :)

Above, various ephemera, photos and New Year's noisemakers from the 26th Street flea market in NYC.


I guess I'll take them all.

colored milkglass mugs
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Acquired over a couple of weeks, and decided to group them all together. Wow. This is officially a collection.


Carousel and a Townwide Garage Sale

So I have the day off, and I had big plans to do a big etsy update by taking awesome photos in my boyfriend's apartment. Well, the day is gloomy and sunlight is nowhere to be founds. Great. So now I'm playing the Carousel soundtrack on lp (newly purchased at the Metuchen Townwide Garage Sale) and trying to once again clean my room.

Feast your eyes on this:
I've also started a Flickr group for such photos called Thrift Hauls. It's just up a junker's alley to want to look at the scores of other people, so it's been fun inviting other members and watching the pool grow. Not fun, however, to see those hauls just pile up in my room. Help.